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Talk "artistic research:legal asymmetries" 
for idensitats. asimetries, Espai E, programme of residencies. 
fabra i coats barcelona, Fàbrica de creació barcelona
Residence for research and process nursery
IDENSITAT / Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona 

//A project dealing with the lack of equality or equivalence in urban spaces in transition.
ASYMMETRIES | ESPAI E is a space for experimentation, learning, cultural research and cross-disciplinary work, applied to contexts in transition and defined by asymmetries, in which the forms of life, spaces or activities are the result of instability, transience or fragility, circumstances which at the same time demand projects which open up a means to change these situations.
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14 may 2019 
presentation on: 
"Caso Estudio: Hannah Arendt. Schlossberg 16, Heidelberg 1928"
(Case study: hannah arendt. schlossber 16, heidelberg 1928!)
1st GEARAD Conference: case studies for research in art and design
The GEARAD doctoral group, Applied Aesthetics in Artistic and Design Research Group, UAB-EINA, held its first academic conference with presentations of case studies for research in art and design.
The presentations, which were given on 6 and 7 May at EINA, were moderated by teachers on the 
LUCY LIPPARD WORKSHOP AND MASTER LECTURE: What do we want to say? How do we want to say it?
National Museum and Centre of Art Reina Sofía, Madrid, 18th and 19th October. 
I'm happy to have attended the Workshop and Master Lecture of Lucy Lippard in the museum of contemporary art Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Sofía, in Madrid, 18th and 19th October, 2018. 
Orwell and the Arts – conference on George Orwell’s art as a writer, his writing on art and his inspiration for artists and the art of drama.
LGO2, Professor Stuart Hall Building,
Goldsmiths, University of London,
30th May 2018.
Asistí en Londres a estas jornadas sobre Orwell y su relación con el arte, organizadas por la Orwell Society y Goldsmiths, University of  London. 
It will not be true, No será veritat, No será verdad.
Collective exhibition from 6 May to 9 September.
Small Espai, Espai Guinovart, Agramunt (Lleida). 
The collective exhibition «It will not be true» brings together the result of different creative processes carried out from contemporary artistic practices such as illustration, installation or performance. The sample questions the criteria or truths that determine how an exhibition should be in terms of content and layout of the space. From there, it traces the discomforts and tensions generated by the pieces that were not created with the aim of being exposed, either because they are performative actions of which only the record remains, or because they are pieces that are located on the borders of art or, directly, outside of them.

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