Hannah Arendt, philosopher and writer, lived in Heidelberg from 1925 to 1928 when she was doing her Phd in the University of Heidelberg. Her director of thesis was the philosopher Karl Jaspers. He resisted and opposed to the nazism even if he was dismissed of the university. Hannah Arendt must leave to the USA to flee from nazist persecution. 
Jasper house
Jasper's house is still in Heidelberg, close to university. 
Hannah Arendt empty house
Hannah Arendt lived not far from there. But now there are only the walls of her former house. 
Nature is growing in the slots of the house, and green leaves and trees are in the place where the philosopher studied. Maybe the better memory is the silence and the growing nature 
Project. Hannah Arendt's walk  
I'm working now in this artistic research project about the walk made by Hannah Arendt from her former house until university in Heidelberg, and the emptiness of her house nowadays. 
Hannah Arendt works and thoughts are a theoretical framework of reference as well for my juridical projects as in my artistic projects. I was very impressed when I saw the emptiness of her former house.  
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